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About AM LAW


Andrew McKay’s practice is focused on representing individuals and corporations who are subjected to criminal and/or regulatory matters.  Andrew was a police officer for 15 years in Toronto before working as an Assistant Crown Attorney in the Toronto Region.  Having defended the rights of individuals for over 20 years, Andrew understands all aspects of investigations, charges and the court process.  He has extensive experience successfully conducting criminal and quasi-criminal trials, regulatory and professional discipline hearings, appeals, and advisory work. 

A McKay

Practice Areas

Criminal Law


Involving our firm from the outset of any investigation ensures that your rights are protected. If you are subject to a police investigation or have already been charged, now is the time to get the right lawyer who can represent you, defending your case and exploring all legal options and protecting your interests.

Regulatory Law


Tribunals and disciplinary hearings can often have a wide-ranging impact on your professional and personal life. Our firm navigates these complicated, often technical proceedings with protecting your interests in mind, ensuring your reputational standing amongst professionals is protected.  



The legal system is far from perfect. Sometimes, errors may occur at trial that result in wrongful convictions or findings of liability. Our appeals experience allows us to identify these errors at trial and seek legal redress from Appellate Courts. Don't accept being the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Legal Advisory


Peace of mind is an invaluable asset. When considering any matter - from minor to major issues - seeking legal advice allows you to make clear decisions in confidence.